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  • Engagement Ioana si Bogdan

  • When we think of happiness, we think of smiles and of warmth. We cannot imagine anything more beautiful that deserves to be photographed, than happiness and love, and people with warm smiles. So the engagement photo session of Ioana and Bogdan was something natural and simple, because they are is lo[...]
  • Anca summer session

  • Here we are again with a post full of photos, fresh out of the oven. You will meet Anca this time. I'm not sure, but I don't think she ever posed before, or maybe not quite like this. The idea is that ... it came out fabulous. She was one of those people that you really love to work with. She listen[...]
  • Narcotic dreams

  • I want to thank Andra for being nice and taking us to this beautiful location. I remember we went there by car, and had to cross a ditch to get to field. But the ditch was filled with water. So we were all just standing there and looking how less than 5 meters from us was the most beautiful field wi[...]