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  • Engagement Ioana si Bogdan

  • When we think of happiness, we think of smiles and of warmth. We cannot imagine anything more beautiful that deserves to be photographed, than happiness and love, and people with warm smiles. So the engagement photo session of Ioana and Bogdan was something natural and simple, because they are is lo[...]
  • After Wedding Ake si Andrei

  • We are very fortunate to be wedding photographers. Our job is our passion, and on top of that we have the opportunity to meet countless people. Among the people we have had the fortune and pleasure to photograph are Ake and Andrei. We understood each other ever since we met and their wedding and  af[...]
  • Enisala Stronghold

  • We woke up one morning with wanderlust and decided to go see the Enisala stronghold, which we wanted to see for a long time, and which is also close enough. We got into the car and gone we were. The road took a little more than an hour, but I didn't even feel it. The scenery was gorgeous. We had a s[...]
  • Autumnal wonders (vertical panorama)

  • Today i have a vertical panorama for you, taken last autumn. You can look at it from the bottom up , top down , how it's comfortable to you, it's important to use your scroll :) Happy scrolling  :) - - - Azi va las cu o panorama verticala de asta-toamna. Puteti sa o priviti de jos in sus, de sus i[...]