Junkoteque fall session

I was telling you in a recent post that a session with Georgiana and her clothes is to come. After talking on the phone and received the brief, we set off on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to seek a forest. Looking for a forest with tall trees, to which we could bind a swing. I didn’t want small and scrawny trees or bushes. We found the forest near a village nearby. At its edge we found a settlement. I don’t have to mention how creepy it was. Between the trees they had a swing made from a large tractor tire, which swung slowly as the wind blew. Hens ran around, and there was no one on the outside. They were probably in the houses, watching us as we were trying to find the right path out of there. For a few seconds I felt like I was in a bad American horror movie… But nothing happened. We found the road we were looking for, and we finally came across the perfect  location and started shooting. I stayed until the sun was no longer seen in the sky. I froze and girls may have caught a cold, but I hope it was worth it.
– – –
Va povesteam in postul trecut ca urmeaza o sesiune cu Georgiana si hainutele ei. Dupa ce am vorbit la telefon si am primit briefing-ul, ne-am pornit intr-o dupa masa frumoasa de sambata sa cautam o padure. Cautam o padure cu copaci inalti, de care sa putem lega un leagan. Nu voiam copaci mici si sfrijiti sau tufisuri. Am gasit-o pe langa o comuna din apropiere. La marginea ei am gasit si un asezamant. Nu va mai zic de creepy a fost. Aveau intre copaci un leagan facut dintr-un cauciuc mare de tractor, care se legana incet dupa cum batea vantul. Pe jos fugeau gaini, si nu era niciun om pe afara. Probabil erau in casa si ne priveau cum incercam nedumeriti sa gasim drumul cel bun. Pentru cateva secunde m-am simtit ca intr-un film horror prost  american. Dar nu s-a intamplat nimic. Ne-am gasit drumul, ne-am gasit si locatia si am inceput pozareala.  Am stat pana ce soarele nu se mai vedea pe cer. Am si inghetat, fetele au racit putin, dar sper ca a meritat.

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Si am si cateva behind the scenes:


Georgiana si Codrin testand rezistenta leaganului


plictisite de pozat melancolic 😀


Echipa noastra


Toata trupa


Cosuletul cu carti si mere ce cantarea probabil; vreo 5 kile 😀


Aici trebui sa faca cineva o poza de sus, sa ma prinda si pe mine intisa pe frunze :))


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